Education and fighting disease are two of the six focus areas of Rotary by donating you will not only be helping to change the lives of these Vanuatu students you will be providing a resource that will improve the life of all the people of Vanuatu now and into the future.

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Life Improvement Project Vanuatu

The Life Improvement Project supplied school desks, chairs, water tanks, computers, hospital supplies, books, pencils and paper all over Vanuatu. It was a great success. It led the Rotary Club of Mackay to get a better understanding of the needs of the Vanuatu People. This in turn led to the creation of the Skills Training Project where we sponsor Nurses, Teachers, and University students through their course. We how believe that education is the key to the future. With that in mind we have closed the Life Improvement Project and are now concentrating all of our efforts into the Skills Training Project.

School Children West Ambae Vanuatu


The people of the remote areas of Vanuatu are a very religious people their religion is what binds the communities. They also have a strong sense of family and a system of local chiefs to make community decisions.

Rotary delivering school books in Santo

Friends of Ndui Ndui

The Rotary Club of Mackay is fortunate to have the Friends of Ndui Ndui (pronounced Dwee Dwee and named after the humble ant) to work with. This group originally came from West Ambae around the Ndui Ndui area and they are working hard to improve the conditions of the people of Vanuatu. Their Christianity and sense of family values drive their considerable efforts. We would not be able to complete the projects without the help of the local people.